Your Product - Your People - Your brand

(no, we didn't interview the President, but we can make you feel like him!)

(no, we didn't interview the President, but we can make you feel like him!)

Show your vision through people and pictures.

A corporate video is the looking glass that bridges your audience with your company's vision. 

It's a chance to show them your people, products, and yourself - what you stand for, and what your vision for the future is.

Better than text, and sometimes even better than a commercial, corporate videos are your chance to really talk authentically and honestly about why you believe in your company/product/brand and connect with your audience on a personal level that rings more true than any other medium.


We make it easy.

Whether you're a corporate video veteran or showing up on camera for the first time, Kinetic Cuts is the perfect place to get the ball rolling.

Unlike most other video production companies in Vancouver, we don't just show up with a camera and expect you to pull a Daniel Day-Lewis in front of the lens!

We always send a professional director specialized in documentary and corporate video production onto every set to plan, shoot, and oversee the edit of every corporate video we make. We'll even help first-timer employees/"future corporate video stars" at your company in front of camera and inspire them with vocal techniques and coaching to deliver the best interviews they've ever given.

You'll love our process - from start to finish, we coordinate with you or someone from your team one-on-one to schedule, create compelling questions, and storyboard beautiful shots of interview locations and necessary B-Roll so that your company/product/people look their absolute best on camera.

From there, we work diligently in post production to make sure the absolute best content from your shoot is up front and on display, in a tight and seamlessly flowing video from beginning to end. You get full access to rough cuts as well as the entire library of footage from your shoot.

We color correct, sound mix, and polish your video ONLY after you're completely satisfied with the narrative of the final cut. 

Finally, we deliver high quality 4K renders as well as a variety of more compressed file sizes for distribution on the web, social media or internal platforms.


How much does it cost - and how do I start?

Every company is different - and so are our production packages.

For those who need everything handled externally, we offer full packages of corporate video production - consulting, producing, shooting, editing and publishing. These packages range from $3,250 - $8,000 depending on the size and scope of your shoot and length of final video.

We also offer additional services for mixed media - including titles, logo animation, 3D architectural render, and access to Vancouver's LARGEST library of Drone Footage - starting at $199 depending on the item.

For those who only need one element of corporate video production - just shooting, just editing, just B-roll - you can browse our offerings to fit your needs with some of the most competitive professional rates in Vancouver.

If you still have questions, we'd be happy to offer a free 20-minute consultation about your animation project and give you a detailed quote and breakdown.