Creativity outside the box.


You've got a killer new app - product - brand - anything.

But maybe it's hard to put into words - or even real life pictures. Maybe it's so brilliant, and such a problem solver, that you can't possibly think of just having somebody talk to camera about it - OR make your customers and prospective investors slog through a long and dry feature sheet.

With animation, you can turn the most complex and intuitive ideas / products into something simple, eye-catching and best of all, attractive. 

And no, you're not just locked down to one style or another.

Maybe you like comic books, 3D, minimalist, or even stop motion animation. Anything that you can dream of, we can make - and we can definitely advise what type of animation is going to be the most effective for your brand and demographic.


"So why choose you?" 

If you've never done animation before, Kinetic Cuts is the perfect place to start.

With our network and team of over 15 animators across North America, we have the talent and resources to specialize in any complexity of animation and with virtually any art style you can think of.

We provide full creative oversight and execution on everything from script and voiceovers to 2D/3D illustration, animations, and sound design. We help you from start to finish and beyond - making sure your animation is converting your target demographics into prospective leads.

We've created over 20 animations with over 1 million cumulative reviews for products ranging from digital apps and subscription services, to retail products and personal brands.

And if you've done an animated video before, you're either happy, and you've got your regulars, or you've experienced one or more issues below:

  • You weren't happy with the script.

  • You didn't feel like the video was up to your expectations quality-wise.

  • You had a hard time communicating your ideas and collaborating with your animator.

  • You found yourself constantly babysitting your contractor to finish the production up to quality, and on time.

  • You had to cancel Christmas and mortgage your house to afford a couple minutes of animation.

What makes the Kinetic Cuts team different from most is that we offer animated supervisors with every project - which means you have a quality control expert with animation experience ensuring your project is delivered according to your terms, your timeframe, and your budget

No more hassling an illustrator over Fiverr halfway across the world, and no more hitting F5 (refresh) on your keyboard waiting for your final video to arrive on time.

Unlike other animation companies, we handle the full-stop creative and marketing process of creating a live and animated video, which means you pay one simple and transparent price for:


Project Briefing
Voiceover Casting and Recording
Illustration and Animation
Music Retrieval
Sound Mixing
Exports and Rendering
Publishing to Social Media Platforms
Keyword and SEO Optimization


Curious about our work? Check out a couple of our past projects and successes below.


How much does it cost - and how do I start?

The cost of animation can vary drastically based on the art style you wish to use and the length of your script. 

Our most popular packages for animation start at $2450 USD / per minute of animation and we offer discounts ranging from 10-25% on projects over 4 minutes.

If you still have questions, we'd be happy to offer a free 20-minute consultation about your animation project and give you a detailed quote and breakdown.