What we're proud of

We work on a huge variety of projects in a wide array of roles. And sometimes, we get recognized for them!


No Need For shelter

WINNER - Best Short Film - Elevation Indie Film Awards

Official Selection - BEST SHORT FILM - Alternative Film Fest

Official Selection - BEST SHORT FILM - Metamora FILM Festival


Big Mouth Billy Bass

"Big Mouth Billy Bass was hilarious and by far one of the stranger works to show at the festival. Its focus was on a prize-winning fisherman who takes his mania to fetishistic levels of obsession, and whose record is bested by a sixteen year-old boy. The audience then watches his psychological meltdown in a hyper-surreal way. The music choices, lack of dialogue, and great filming made this a strange, sometimes horrifying work of comedy with a sharp sense of humour." - Samuel Du Bois, The Ubyssey