Launch your ICO with a bang

We create breathtaking live and animated videos for your ICO, with high conversion rates and guaranteed viewership for your platform. Whether you're in pre-sale or need additional marketing for your ICO or Blockchain platform, Kinetic Cuts is the only ICO video and ICO animation producer online specializing in this emerging market. 

With over 4 year of cryptocurrency market experience, we know what it takes to make a successful blockchain project - so much so that we'll even accept payment via equity in YOUR token.


The statistics

ICOs run very similarly to Kickstarter projects.

They're publicly funded (sometimes after an initial private investment round) and require a community to really build support around the utility or security token (Slack, Telegram, Reddit) to really spur organic growth. And most of the time, 50% of the budget of your ICO launch will go into marketing.

While there are no statistics as of yet to the success rate of ICOs with videos and animated explainers vs those without (we're collecting data as you read this!), much like other projects and fundraising ventures, video on landing pages can increase your conversion by up to 80%.

Here are some more statistics to chew on:


Where We come in

With over 4 years of experience in the cryptocurrency world, primarily in day trading and fundamental analysis, our team is uniquely qualified as Blockchain-saavy video marketers. We've participated in the Ethereum ICO in June 2014, and beta-tested the Binance exchange at launch in Summer 2017, now being the largest cryptocurrency exchange actively trading.

We've teamed up with industry developers and project managers in the cryptocurrency space, making multiple videos for trading assistants, promotional marketing and ICO launch videos.

Our goal at Kinetic Cuts is to get in on the ground floor with promising and exciting cutting edge blockchain projects, and being a factor in bringing them success for years to come. The blockchain space isn't easy to explain to the average investor and most people will either not complete or understand the entirety and complexity of a white paper.

With video, that all changes.

Using colorful and creative assets, we bring levity and simplicity to your project so that every viewer and investor can precisely understand your project's mission. We've been a part of raising over $17,000,000 USD with our animated ICO Explainer videos.

Unlike other animation companies, we handle the full-stop creative and marketing process of creating a live and animated video, which means you pay one simple and transparent price for:


Project Briefing
Voiceover Casting and Recording
Illustration and Animation
Music Retrieval
Sound Mixing
Exports and Rendering
Publishing to Social Media Platforms
Keyword and SEO Optimization


Curious about our work? Check out a couple of our past projects and successes below.


Quarteria is the first international real estate listing and settlement platform powered by blockchain technology. Users can sell, buy, and rent residential and commercial properties without the need of intemediaries like traditional real estate brokers or MLS listings - cutting down on the industry's exorbitant fees

Campuscoin (CMPCO)

CampusCoin is an open source, grassroots cryptocurrency designed exclusively for Colleges and Universities around the world. Students and merchants can use the CampusCoin platform to earn rewards, get discounts, and educate themselves on the growing phenomenon of Blockchain and Crypto tokens through the platform. Teachers can even reward academic excellence in a secure and transparent way - and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Crypto Alerts

In the cryptocurrency market, timing and execution is absolutely critical. In collaboration with our team, we are proud to present our CryptoCurrency Alert system. This custom alert application provides you with RSI, MACD, Inside Bar, Psychological Levels, Golden / Death Cross indicators plus our own custom indicators, all on the most important currencies on the market.

First block capital

First Block Capital Inc. is committed to helping investors capture the value to be derived from the disruptive technologies built on Blockchain technology. We are pioneering financial products that will connect capital with entrepreneurial opportunities all throughout the distributed ledger and cryptocurrency value chains.


Baseball cards, coins, action figures - these are collectables. And just like your tape collection in the 90s, everything is about to go digital! ECOMI is pioneering the digital collectable frontier - working with major licensed brands to offer exclusive, immutable assets on the blockchain. With many other features like a physical secure wallet, debit merchant compatible crypto-to-fiat card - the ECOMI ecosystem is bringing the best features of the blockchain to the palm of your hand.

Trading Cryptocurrency 

ICOs, exchanges, market volatility come together to create an environment that is both complex and financially rewarding. This course covers topics ranging from market psychology to executing a trade and teaches you everything you need to succeed in trading cryptocurrencies.


How much does it cost - and how do I start?

Our quotes are custom tailored to the size and scope of your ICO or Cryptocurrency marketing budget.

We do animated ICO explainers and videos ranging from $2,500 USD to $15,000 USD and video lengths between 30 seconds and 4 minutes.

We're also very interested in working with ground-breaking projects and teams who plan to shake up the cryptocurrency space with promising projects and utility tokens. We'll gladly opt for 10-20% of our production fee in return for your token if it peaks our interests and meets both of our requirements!

Click the button below and we'll answer any questions you have via e-mail within 24 hours - or feel free to book a meeting with us and we'd be more than excited to talk anything Crypto related!


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